Manufacturing Capability

“The key to customer satisfaction is performance. The key to performance lies in capability, competence and flexibility. It’s not just compounding rubber – first you need the essential mix of skilled resources to do it!” The Group’s carefully crafted blend is specifically designed to create the conditions from which high quality, best value products will flow naturally, but which will simultaneously achieve the most reliable and flexible customer service.
The relentless pursuit of continual improvement and technical advantage has been a major contributor to SPC’s development. But it is the overlaying of this strategy with the Company’s total commitment to innovation and reinvestment that has made the all-important difference between sound policy and winning formula.> The recent addition of ATR Compounding to the existing facilities at SPC UK has greatly extended the capability of the Group. We now offer:

  • Five dedicated mixing lines (three at Whitby, two at Westbury) ranging in capacity from 1 litre to 270 litres, equally capable of handling the smallest specialist batch, routine high volume production and all points in-between.

  • Efficient automated finishing processes at both plants, able to deliver product in various forms, to suit customer requirements.

  • State of the art in-house developed production control systems, providing unrivalled quality, consistency and flexibility.

  • Newly equipped laboratories for product testing and technical development.

Perhaps more than anything else, however, a Company’s performance depends upon its people. It is within the team that competencies are developed and nurtured, and from where performance is ultimately driven. HR is therefore a high priority.