SPC Announces Plans To Open Colour Compounding Facility
January 2017

One of Europe's leading rubber manufacturers, SPC, has announced plans to open a new plant in Maerdy, South Wales.

SPC Operations Director, Paul Hallas, said: "The new compounding facility represents the latest phase of our expansion plans for the growing business. It will bring ultra-clean, colour compounding expertise into the SPC fold.

"The new plant will exploit state of the art intermeshing technology, enabling us to offer the option of non-black rubber compounds and strained materials to both existing and new customers.

"And, with new regulatory measures coming into place, we predict this to be a future area of growth."

The colour compounding site is due to open in early 2017 and is expected to create upto 30 new jobs in the next 2 years.

SPC Is Now On Twitter
January 2017

At SPC, we're pleased to announce our Twitter platform. @SPC_Rubber is aimed to engage, inform and communicate with people interested in our company or industry.

Our vision has always been to be at the cutting edge of rubber technology and manufacturing, while remaining respectful of the past. We're keen, therefore, to remember the pioneers of the rubber industry in our Twitter feed, while also being informative and providing insight into the latest developments within our business.

So please follow us @SPC_Rubber

SPC Where People Come First
August 2016

Leading rubber compounder, SPC UK, has successfully renewed its Investors in People accreditation.

Based on 25 years of leading practice, the international recognised Investors in People Standard is underpinned by a rigorous assessment methodology and a framework which reflects the very latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry.

Valid for three years, the Investors in People Standard requires businesses to be reassessed across a range of stringent criteria in order to renew accreditation.

Following a period of testing, including interviews of SPC staff by Investors in People inspectors, SPC was rewarded with the renewed standard.

Operations Manager, Paul Hallas said: "Renewing our Investors in People Standard was important for us.

"We're committed to the ongoing support and investment in our skilled workforce and our pleased to have this commitment formally recognised by the Investors in People Standard."

DKT 2015 shows rubber industry leading the way
July 2015

As the DKT show (the International Rubber Conference and Trade Exhibition) draws to a close, a leading compounding specialist has hailed it as an example of everything that is good in the industry.

Paul Hallas, Operations Director of SPC said: "The European rubber industry is setting a good example of how, even in these times of global economic uncertainty, it is putting Europe at the heart of a global market.

"The industry is continuing to innovate and invest in the future. Nowhere was that more evident than at the DKT 2015 exhibition, which was filled with examples of innovation and was a great showcase of a buoyant industry."

DKT (Deutsche Kautschuk Tagung - the International Rubber Conference and Trade Exhibition) takes place every three years at Nuremberg in Germany. The four-day show is an important date in the rubber and polymer sector calendar.

SPC was one of more than 270 exhibitors at the 2015 show, which attracted record numbers of visitors. On his return from the exhibition Paul Hallas said: "The Trade Association of the German Rubber Industry and the German Rubber Society must be congratulated for their hard work and for hosting such an excellent event.

"SPC enjoyed great success at DKT and our attendees enjoyed meeting both new and old acquaintances", he added.

SPC appearing at DKT 2015
June 2015

Taking its place among the leaders of the rubber industry, SPC UK is exhibiting at DKT 2015 at Stand 237 (Hall 12).

DKT (Deutsche Kautschuk Tagung - the International Rubber Conference and Trade Exhibition) takes place every three years at Nuremberg in Germany. The four-day show is an important date in the rubber and polymer sector calendar.

This year SPC joins more than 270 exhibitors at the show. Their state-of-the-art stand is as much a destination as an exhibit. It has two floors and features an English-style pub, complete with draft beers, on the ground floor. The upper level has breakout spaces for meetings.

Paul Hallas, SPC Operations Director, said: "DKT is an exciting event and I am proud to be representing SPC at the exhibition. In addition to providing opportunities for networking and enhancing trade, the DKT provides a showcase for new technology and opportunities for learning through a programme of seminars.

"DKT gives us with the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in high quality technical compounding.

"Our manufacturing capability in both the UK and Spain is underscored by our technical expertise and bespoke-approach to chemical engineering. We build relationships with our customers, working with them to create the perfect compound for their needs.

"I am looking forward to sharing this message further at DKT."

SPC Unveils New Logo
March 2015

Specialist rubber compounder, SPC, has announced the launch of a new logo, which they say is part of an ongoing evolution of the company's brand.

Operations Director, Paul Hallas, said: "The change in our image represents the growth that we're currently enjoying in the business. We are a forward moving business and use cutting-edge technology to help us produce the highest quality compounds. The development in our brand is a reflection of our forward momentum.

"We have expanded from a UK company to an international one, with a strong presence in Spain and further global opportunities. It made sense, therefore, to drop the 'UK' from the logo.

"In addition to the changes, we have also retained much of our established brand essence. For example, the logo image is a development of our former grey and blue band, and represents the heart of what we do: manufacturing high quality rubber strips. We have also held on to our brand colours. The message behind this is that, at our core, we are the same trusted company; but that we are also constantly evolving, improving and looking to the future."

After sharing the brand development with staff in the UK and Spain, and applying it to the company newsletter, Paul announced: "Our fresh and distinctive brand will be rolled out over the coming months, applied firstly to our external-facing communications before becoming embedded in all aspects of our business."

SPC Opens New Technical Centre In UK
May 2014

UK-based rubber compounder SPC UK has expanded its technical and analytical capabilities with the opening of a new technical centre at it's headquarters in Westbury, UK.

The new centre represents a significant investment for the specialist rubber compound manufacturer. SPC UK has recruited three graduate-level engineers as well as investing in state-of-the-art equipment for chemical analysis, compound testing and quality assurance.

In particular, the new lab enables SPC to assess the quality of the materials it receives from large chemicals suppliers. This opens the door to advanced technical partnerships with those suppliers to ensure SPC's customers have access to the very latest developments across the field of materials supply.

This investment means that the company now has identical capabilities at it's UK headquarters and it's Spanish subsidiary, SPC Jevsa, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Paul Hallas, operations director of SPC UK said, "This advanced facility gives us the means to test and measure the compounds we develop for our customers. Our customers can now be sure that the materials we supply offer the very best balance between low-cost and top quality." He added, "Our suppliers now want to work with us on new materials developments. This means our customers will benefit from some unique materials to further improve the performance of their compounds."

Not only is SPC recruiting, but it is offering bespoke graduate training packages to the new graduate engineers. These will allow the new graduates to develop their rubber technology and process skills while working within the industry hands on approach.

SPC Europe Ltd Acquires IACP JEVSA, S.A (Jevsa)
July 2013

Rubber compounding specialist SPC Europe Ltd has announced today that it has acquired the assets of the Barcelona-based rubber compounder, IACP JEVSA, S.A (Jevsa). The deal secures the future of Jevsa, which has been in financial difficulties since 2008.

The acquisition marks the latest chapter in the story of SPC's growth, whose position as a global market leader marks it out as a UK manufacturing success story. SPC revealed that it has been negotiating with the Administrator for some months and finally closed the deal at midnight on 25 July 2013.

SPC confirmed the Jevsa business will continue to operate at the same facility in Barcelona, with the same employees, under the new name SPC Jevsa SA. This new company will operate free from the debts which crippled the former Jevsa business.

Paul Hallas, Operations Director SPC, said: "We are delighted to have closed this deal. Jevsa has been operating profitably for some years, but was insolvent because of bad debts and high interest payments. We have not taken on the debts, but we have taken on the people and the equipment of the company". Jevsa operates three mixing lines with inline straining, with a total capacity of up to 44,000 tonnes of compound annually. All lines have been modernised in the last five years.

He continued, "We will continue to operate the business unchanged with the same people. It is business as usual. The business can now concentrate on its customers and continue to provide a high-level of service and technical support to its customers."

SPC UK Awarded The Investors In People Standard
June 2013

Putting their people first has enabled one of the world's leading rubber compounders to gain the nationally accredited Investors in People award.

SPC UK, was awarded the Investors in People Standard for the way they develop, support and motivate their team. Operations Manager, Paul Hallas said: "People are key to our growth. We operate with a skilled workforce and are committed to investing in them.

"As a company, our ethos is collaborative with all staff working together rather than a 'them and us' culture of workers and management. We are pleased that this has been recognised by Investors in People."

In addition to their current programme of staff development, SPC UK is introducing a technical school and graduate development programme designed to further support workforce growth and provide fast track opportunities for graduates.

The Investors in People framework aims to transform business performance by helping companies achieve their objectives through targeting specific priorities within the organisation. SPC UK targeted staff development to good effect and have an ongoing plans to expand this still further in the future.

John Telfer, Managing Director of Inspiring Business Performance, the organisation that delivers Investors in People for London and the South, said: SPC UK can be congratulated for the way in which management and staff have come together to produce real results. I hope other organisations in the industry will look to them as a great example of what can be achieved."

SPC UK achieves full ISO 14001 certification
January 2013

The universally recognised environmental standard demonstrates the company's excellent management of environmental risks, including legal and regulatory compliance.

Brian Flindall, Quality Manager of Wiltshire-based SPCUK says: "We are pleased to announce that SPC UK has achieved certification in ISO 14001."

He adds: "We are committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. This can be seen by any visitor to the site."

"Our sector has an historic reputation of being a heavy, dirty industry, but we are proud of breaking this trend. We are committed to using innovative processes to set a high benchmark in standards of environmental cleanliness, with a dynamic focus on minimising waste and maximising efficiency."

By optimising modern, state of the art processes and controls, we have been able to minimise the amount of energy and natural resources used during production. In addition to reducing operating costs, this has helped us to ensure we operate at peak efficiency which in turn enables us to provide the highest levels of service for our customers."

SPCUK operates a rubber compounding facility and technical development centre in Westbury, Wiltshire.

SPC UK Expands Development Centre
July 2012

Rubber compound manufacturer SPC UK has announced the expansion of its Westbury based technical development centre. This includes the opening of the SPC Technology School specifically to train new university graduates.

SPC UK manufactures rubber compounds for world renowned customers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical and energy industries. The expansion of the technical development centre is part of the company's recent £2million investment in its Westbury, Wiltshire, plant.

New investment has created a dedicated area for compound development within the Westbury site. It comprises a fully equipped laboratory and compound development facility, which includes new state of the art intermeshing technology using the latest automation and mixer controls.

Also included in the centre is a classroom for in-house and external training and education programmes. This will enable customers to work with SPC UK to develop their own new and specialised compounds.

Paul Hallas, operations manager, says; "The technology centre marks another step forward in the progress of SPC UK. It will not only enhance our own research and development activities but also give customers a unique opportunity to develop specialist compounds specifically to suit their own requirements."

"We are also excited about the SPC Technology School as it will help us attract high quality graduates and provide them with a dedicated training programme purpose designed to the needs of the rubber compound industry."

SPC UK Concludes Consolidation Of Manufacturing Activities
March 2012

SPC UK has announced it has concluded successfully the consolidation of rubber compound manufacturing activities at its Westbury site, following the relocation of its Whitby plant to Wiltshire.

SPC UK had been manufacturing in Whitby for over ten years and at Westbury since 2008. In spring 2011 the company announced that all SPC UK production was to be concentrated at Westbury.

The move has taken almost 12 months to plan and implement and the integration of production lines, together with additional investment, has now been completed.

Paul Hallas, operations manager, says; "Internally, we have been able to bring an enhanced management focus to our work. We have been able to improve our already high quality control standards, make economies of scale in materials, production and transportation costs and also maintain a cleaner working environment."

"For customers, we now have one of the most modern and manufacturing plants in Europe. Our five mixing lines, with fully automated controls, give us substantial production flexibility and we are able to produce compounding quantities from just one kilo to 20 tonnes. We have also been able to enhance our product range and now offer a wide variety, ranging from the most demanding FKM compounds to the more standard natural and EPDM materials."

SPC UK manufactures rubber compounds for world renowned customers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical and energy industries. The company now employs over 50 people at Westbury, up from just 6 in 2008.

SPC Europe Ltd has announced it will be merging activities with ATR Compounding Ltd from April 2011. Both companies will operate as SPC Europe Ltd, with manufacturing based at the former ATR site in Westbury, Wiltshire.
May 2011

SPC Europe currently operates from a plant in North Yorkshire and the move to consolidate production at Westbury coincides with SPC's decision to invest £1.5million in state of the art manufacturing plant. This will increase the company's compounding capacity to over £20million a year.

The investment means SPC will have one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe, comprising two production lines with fully automated controls.

SPC has been manufacturing rubber compounds in Whitby, North Yorkshire, for over ten years. It purchased the Westbury site from Avon Rubber in 2008 and has been running the two sites separately since then.

ATR operates from Westbury and was formed following SPC's purchase of the Westbury site. It has seen significant growth in the first three years of operation.

Paul Hallas, operations manager says "SPC and ATR both manufacture rubber compounds for world renowned customers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical and energy industries. This move simplifies our structure for our customers and will provide economies of scale across the business."

Steve Hallas, managing director adds; "For customers, our relocation means all our manufacturing will be on one site and will use the latest technology. This will enable us to enhance our quality control systems, manage production and materials costs, provide greater production flexibility, maintain a cleaner working environment and further enhance customer service.

"We have planned the move extremely carefully to ensure customers see no interruption of service. An existing production line at Westbury is being maintained and upgraded and when the new line is fully operational we will end production in Whitby. This is expected to be around mid July."

£1.5 Million Investment At Wiltshire Rubber Compounding Company
March 2011

ATR Compounding of Westbury, Wiltshire, has announced new investment of £1.5million in state of the art rubber compound production equipment, creating 20 permanent jobs. ATR is wholly owned by the highly respected SPC Europe Ltd

The substantial investment will provide an additional second state of the art line for the company and provide compounding capacity in excess of £20million per year.

ATR manufactures rubber compounds for world renowned customers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical and energy industries. 65 per cent of ATR products are exported to customers in Asia, Europe and America, bringing in much needed foreign currency

Purchased by parent company SPC Europe in 2008, ATR has grown from six employees to its current 20 strong work force in under three years. The new investment will double employment at the Westbury site to 40 by the end of this year.

Operations Manager Paul Hallas says: "Despite the tough economic times our business is doing extremely well due to our hard working team. This investment is a sign of the companies' confidence in ATR's products, services and team.

"The two new state of the art production lines, with fully automated controls, will make the site one of the most modern plants in Europe. They will help maintain our manufacturing flexibility, efficiency and jobs.

"Our expansion at Westbury means we are able to provide full time, permanent, skilled jobs in engineering and production, giving a much needed boost to local employment."

ATR is establishing a youth apprenticeship scheme and intends to offer two apprenticeships in September.

SPC Strengthens Management Team
January 2011

SPC Europe Ltd has strengthened its management team with the appointment of Brian Flindall as quality manager.

Brian joins from Honda of the UK Manufacturing and has 16 years experience within the rubber industry, including ten years focused on quality management.

He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and his experience includes working with Peradin and Trelleborg followed by five years at Avon Automotive, in a quality focused role. Brian also spent five years at Honda and was responsible for New Model and Supplier Development, focusing on managing suppliers from a quality perspective rather than a purely cost based approach.

Paul Hallas, operations manager at SPC Europe, says: "Brian joins us from a globally respected company, with an excellent reputation for its emphasis on quality and reliability.

"His appointment will bring these attributes to SPC and help strengthen further SPC's reputation as a world class rubber compounder. Brian's role will be to develop our business management standards and ensure we operate to the auditable standards required by the aerospace and automotive industries.

"In addition, Brian will also be developing manufacturing techniques that will reduce our carbon footprint and support our objective of being registered to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard by 2012."

Brian is married with a four year old daughter and lives in Trowbridge.

SPC UK Makes Senior Purchasing Appointment
June 2010

SPC Europe Ltd has made a new senior management appointment with Sean Kirtley joining as Purchasing Manager.

Sean joins from Avon Automotive and brings significant experience gained in purchasing together with many years of working in technical roles in the Rubber Industry. Sean initially joined Peradin in 1995, working in a technical environment. He moved to Avon Automotive in 2004, working as a development chemist before moving into a senior purchasing role.

Paul Hallas, Operations Manager SPC UK, says: "We are delighted to appoint Sean who brings a unique set of skills to his new role. He joins from a world dominant automotive company that has a strong purchasing strategy; Sean brings both technical and purchasing expertise to SPC.

"With price and availability of raw materials having a major impact on our products and services Sean's role will quickly become critical to our ability to remain competitive on a world stage.

"This is a significant appointment for SPC and our customers. With demand for raw materials increasing around the world and material costs continuing to rise, Sean's appointment means we have a dedicated purchasing manager able to focus full time on strategic purchasing; covering material costs, supplier relationships and lead times for product availability.

Living in Frome Sean is an avid family man with his partner and four year old daughter.

Another Quality Achievement at ATR Compounding!
November 2009

ATR Compounding has achieved another major milestone in its rapid development since joining SPC Europe ltd. After less than 12 months, ATR has successfully gained ISO 9001:2008 registration.

ISO 9001 remains the World’s leading quality endorsement, and currently sets the standard within approximately 900,000 quality-conscious organisations in no less than 170 different countries around the world.

Significantly, although top class quality assurance procedures are one essential prerequisite of the approval, on their own they are not enough. It is also necessary to demonstrate top class management practices on a much broader scale.

ATR’s achievement is the more remarkable given the short time since it became part of SPC Europe, and is further testimony not only to SPC’s overriding commitment to product quality, but also to the high standards of management and business performance set within the Group.

For SPC’s customers, this development encourages even greater confidence in the company and its products. Not only that, but it also enhances and simplifies customers’ own quality assurance procedures – especially when they themselves need to meet ISO 9001 requirements. In this way ATR Compounding now offers its customers an additional competitive advantage.

SPC Web Site Goes Live
March 2009

SPC Europe has taken another key step forward in its development, with the launch of its new web site.

SPC’s new web presence represents a step change in the Company’s marketing and communications strategy, and is the first in a number of planned measures aimed at strengthening the brand, but more importantly broadening and deepening the rapport with its customer base.
This initiative follows other major developments within the business, not least the acquisition of ATR Compounding, which positions the Group to play a more significant role in the custom compounding industry in the future.
The new web site is the culmination of an intensive project, but is nevertheless only the first step in an evolutionary process. Plans are already in place for additions and updates in the not too distant future.
In the meantime the Company is keen to receive feedback, and your comments would be welcome.

SPC Europe Acquires ATR Compounding
November 2008

In October 2008 SPC Europe Limited achieved the most significant single advance in the Company’s history, with the acquisition of the €22M ATR Compounding plant in Westbury, UK.

The ATR plant was built in 2000 at a cost of approximately €22M, is one of the most modern plants in Europe, and has an annual capacity of 25,000 tonnes. The addition of ATR represents a threefold increase in capacity for the Group.
Equally importantly, the Westbury plant brings two new mixing lines and crucial new capabilities and competencies to the Group. Together with SPC UK in Whitby, the Group now offers a completely comprehensive suite of five such lines, ranging in capacity from 1 Litre to 270 Litres. The expansion offers two key benefits:
i) Greatly enhanced flexibility in manufacturing.
ii) Maximum efficiency across the entire spectrum of batch sizes.
Customers can therefore be even more confident of best value products and the very best customer service from SPC.
At the same time the addition of SPC’s well proven, state of the art, working practices and production control systems at ATR are bringing additional benefits in terms of the quality and consistency of products from the Westbury facility.
The economic climate may be challenging, especially in manufacturing, but SPC Europe remains upbeat about their prospects for the future. The acquisition of ATR Compounding is a win/win for the Company that has positioned it well to benefit from economic recovery as it emerges. The Group looks forward to a secure and growing position in the industry.